What You Need To Do If A Fire Occurs In Your Office

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We have all read about fires that occur unexpectedly in the workplace. Some of these fired end without causing any major damage. But others result in the building being burnt down to the ground. However, we know that many people assume that something like this would never happen to them. But you need to understand that fires can occur at the most unexpected places. Thus, that is why it is imperative for every organization to have a fire emergency plan in place. Furthermore, you also need to make sure that the employees know what they have to do in a situation like this. Thus, that is why it is crucial for you to educate all the employees in your organization. 

Have a Fire Alarm System

Having fire equipment Adelaide on hand would not do you any good if you don’t know there is a fire in your organization. Thus, that is why it is crucial for you to have a fire alarm in place. This alarm needs to go on every time a fire occurs. Therefore you need to make sure that you check it on a regular basis to see if it is working. We would ideally advise you to conduct these checkups at least once a month. Then you can make sure that it is working and that it has a battery. Furthermore, it would also be a good idea to train someone to call 911 as soon as this alarm goes off.However, we understand that sometimes small fires can occur in the workplace.

Then it would seem pointless to evacuate the entire building. That is because this would be something that you can put off on your own. Thus, that is why you need to have good gaseous fire suppression on hand. Furthermore, you also need to teach several employees how to handle the fire equipment. However, even after this equipment has been used sometimes the fire can still rage on. When this happens you need to immediately call 911 and report the fire.

Evacuate The Building

If you have conducted fire drills on a regular basis every employee would know what to do. They would know that they have to evacuate the building as soon as they hear the fire alarm. Furthermore, you also need to remind them that they should not waste time collecting their personal belonging. Instead, they need to drop whatever they are doing and leave the building as quickly as they can.A fire in the workplace can be a scary experience and it can end in tragedy. Thus, that is why you need to learn the steps you have to follow in case of such an emergency.